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Monday, 30 June 2014

2014 - Week 26

This our first week with a new routine.  I haven't got everything in place yet for our routine to work properly, and given that it is new I am easing our way into it.  I will add more and more to it as the weeks, and probably months, go by.  I will make a post about it once I have all the more permanent materials finished, like our new Morning Board for a new Circle Time.

We started each day by reciting the alphabet, I then ask the Wench to sound out each letter of the alphabet.  We do some counting, and this week also did skip counting by even 2s, only up to 20 for now.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears - from Storytime & Favorite Rhymes
Hansel and Gretel - from Storytime & Favorite Rhymes
The Pied Piper - from A Treasury of Favourite Tales.  I have no link for this book, it was actually a gift that I received for my 5th birthday, so it's over 20 years old (I may possibly be a hoarder).

Rhyme/Poem - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

I realised the other week that my kids don't really know classic nursery rhymes as well as they probably should.  My daughter likes to sing sometimes and listening to her try to sing Twinkle Star is quite amusing, since she knew only, "Twinkle Star, diamond in the sky, up up high."  Of course this created some difficulties, it was hard for her to remember certain parts of the rhyme because she had preconceived ideas of what the words were meant to be.

The Monster refused to recite or sing it, this is because, as he said, he was scared I would laugh at him, when I denied this possibility, he said I would smile at him, like I do with a lot of things (it's meant to encourage them, and does, but apparently it means something different when he is singing).  I didn't push the issue and heard him humming it and reciting it at night when he was alone.  So he listened and learned even if he never sang for me.

Games - Go Fish, Snap (cards), Jigsaw Puzzles, Operation, Pick-up-Sticks

Cooking - Pizza and Jelly

Pizza - I had the kids measure out the dough and then mix it as far as they could, then I rolled and quick fried it - right now we have no proper oven, only a benchtop turbo oven, so pre-frying is kind of needed.  They had to cut up the ham, salami, spread out the sauce and sprinkle everything over the pizza (I grated the cheese, aren't they lucky).  Then I put them in the oven, let the kids judge when they were cooked and then they had the hardest job of all.  Eating the pizzas.

Reading Practice
The Monster knows how to read most sounds and letter combinations, now he just needs to practice so he doesn't need to sound out every word he reads.

Each day I wrote out a piece of the Twinkle Star rhyme on the whiteboard for him to read.  The first day was easy, he already knew most of the words from the first verse and so was able to guess in many cases.  After that however it was more difficult, most people don't know the rest of the rhyme and he is like most people, so he had no way of guessing.

Unplanned, but we happened to find a nice cheap secondhand book about our Solar System that has the Monster engrossed, so of course we have done a little bit of learning about our Solar System and certain other aspects of astronomy.

The weather we've had this past week has been fairly tumultuous, gale force winds, rain that was snow 600 metres above ground, some thunder storms and basic rain storms.  Because of this we have obviously had a nice look at weather, wind, air pressure, snow, and the damage such weather can do to the world around us - like trees falling all over the place.

These were unplanned, so I had nothing really prepared for them, they were spur of the moment things, discussions, Googling, looking at pictures, making observations, finding answers to questions.

I printed out, from all over Google, a number of basic printables related to stars, bears and Goldilocks.  Colouring pages, mazes, spot the differences, connect the dots, sequencing, word searches.  We also did some copywork and word tracing, also to do with Goldilocks and the three bears.

All in all a fairly good week and a good start to our new routine.  Let's hope we can keep it up.

Maths with counters turns into creative arts, in the back you can see the Monster has tried to make an apple tree. Excuse the blurriness, camera isn't that great.


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