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Sunday, 1 June 2014

Colour by Math

Some time in 2013 I gathered a few colour by number pictures from around the web and edited them to for maths use.  I simply changed the basic numbers to small addition and subtraction problems.  Each number has its own colour, as per usual, but the sections in the pictures are not given numbers, they hold the problems.  The person has to work out the answer to the problem so they can find the correct number and the correct colour.  I did not create the images, I just edited the numbering, and it was quite tedious so I only did a few of them, and I only have access to four of them now (that I uploaded to Facebook) since my computers hard drive blew on NYE.
Handy tip, upload all of your hard and tedious work, it is really hard to see it all disappear because of a blown hard drive.

Feel free to grab these, just right click, select save as image.  This will download the larger version of the images.


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