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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Our Homeschool Area

For the final week of the Aussie Not Back to School Blog Hop we've been asked to post about our learning spaces.  I love dreaming about big empty rooms that I can convert into a dedicated homeschool room, I love looking on Google and Pinterest at those rooms.  Oh yes.  I once set up our narrow front room as a dedicated learning area, and it worked well enough, we just didn't really use it.  So I let it go, which is probably for the best as I need to convert it to a nursery soon anyway.

I am as you will find the majority of homeschoolers to be.  We have no real dedicated space, we learn all over the place, and when I set up a room specifically for it, it doesn't get used for anything more than storage.  That said, the majority of our formal sit down work gets done in the loungeroom (living room).  The kids will sit on the floor or on their canvas ottoman/stool thingies and work at the coffee table.  This won't work forever, they will soon get too big for that sort of working area.  We'll probably move to the kitchen in a year or so, I have no idea how I will adapt that yet, as we do not have a dining room, just a kitchen with enough room for a small dining table.  I will adapt, I always do :-)

Here are some photos of how I've setup our loungeroom.  I have not cleaned up.  I like to be organised, my children do not.  So this is how they've left it and it's just too early in the morning for me to be cleaning.

The main area.  You can see our coffee table, where the kids work, to the left is the TV, to the right is where my stuff is, laptop included.  And at the back is our little storage area on the hearth.  This is where I keep most of the stuff we are currently using - the big stuff is elsewhere, all over the house.  That green bucket is a bin, I really need to empty that.

Here the TV is to the right, and the DVD case.  The black drawers are for used worksheets, drawings and the kids colouring books and the like.  As you can see, the Monster (top drawers) isn't too concerned with neatness.  Annoying.  I also store small games, counters, pens, glue, scissors and the like in the bottom drawers.  That orange thing is one of our ottoman/stool thingies.

Above the drawers, next to the kitchen door.  Whiteboard, and some small posters - money charts, AUSLAN alphabet, times tables (need to make a bigger one), percentages chart, place value chart and a solar system poster.  I add to this wall when I need to.

A closer look at the hearth wall (from the first picture).  We don't actually have a fireplace, just the remnants of one.  I covered the wall in black card and use it for other posters and things.  At the top hangs the day, date, month and year.  We also have the season wheel, the moon phases, skip counting charts, alphabet strip and a hundreds chart. Basically this wall is for Circle Time. To the left is my little list of our daily routine.  I add to this wall when needed.

The Hearth itself.
I used an old TV unit, removed those annoying glass doors and adapted it for HS stuff.  On top is the kids container of pencils, apparently some wallets and money jars, a puzzle, some wood blocks, the green basket holds bags of legos, wooden letters and those stupid Woolworths Heroes cards.

In the unit itself I have books neatly stacked to the right, some paper trays filled with current workbooks, and to the left is where the kids "neatly" put their books.  Ugh.  In front is a basket with library books and that bin that needs emptying.  The peripherals show that we use this loungeroom as a loungeroom too.

Beautiful isn't it? Hahaha.  It's functional, and that's what is important.  This is not everything of course, this is just our loungeroom.  We have bookcases and cabinets and cupboards in other rooms filled with games, books, art stuff, and general Homeschool mayhem. And you can't actually see into my corner area, where I have a million folders and other things that I use for HS planning, recording and general mum stuff like budgeting.

Sigh.  These photos make it look way messier than how I usually see it.  Now I might need to clean it up.

This post was done as part of the Aussie Not Back to School Blog Hop, co-hosted by Our Worldwide Classroom and Every Bed of Roses.


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  1. I like your approach. We used to have a school room that we didn't really use. We discovered the kids mostly prefer to learn outside, on the couch, wherever.