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Thursday, 26 November 2015

Looking Back on 2015

It's been a turbulent year.  Here is some of what happened, small and large.

We started out homeschooling well.
I fell pregnant.
Our cat went missing, never to return.  Bye Loki.
We went to our first homeschool meetup.
Our pet rat died.  RIP Ratti.
Pregnancy fatigue and morning sickness.
We took a break from homeschooling.
We rescued some baby wild rabbits.
We were about to get back to homeschooling again, but then...

My dad died.
Emptying his house.
Organising his service.
Attending and speaking at his service.
All with kids in tow and rapidly expanding abdomen.

The fridge broke, we had to use dads tiny one.
We released the bunnies, who didn't want to leave me, for all they were wild.
I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes, just for some added diet restricted, finger stabbing fun.
The wench turned SIX!
Finally got a new fridge, months after the first one broke.
Oven broke.
Mower broke.
Tried to organise the house for the upcoming new arrival.

Booked in for a repeat c-section.
Went through prodromal labour, which is like very painful Braxtons Hicks, for about a month.
I endured my alcohol free 29th birthday.
Went into labour early at 37.5 weeks.
Had an emergency c-section.
And so was born the tiny tiny tiny, but perfectly healthy and beautiful, Minx.
I went home from hospital after 3 nights, slowly recovered from the surgery.

The Monster turned EIGHT!
Finally got a new oven weeks after the Minx was born.
Got two young pet rabbits.
The Wench lost her first baby tooth, and promptly lost half the money left by the tooth fairy.
Finally got a new mower.
Got a new rabbit cage, which took me a while to put together.
One of the rabbits was clawed and mauled through the cage, and it died. RIP Snickers.

And that is it so far, though of course other things happened in our day to day lives, and expansions on those things mentioned.

We obviously never finished taking a break from formal homeschooling.  This is not to say the kids have not learnt a lot, they have, we just never went back to the sit down every day and do what I had planned side of things.  Which is disappointing, as I put a lot of energy and time into putting our plans and resources together.

But life happens.  Big things, little things, good things and bad things.  And this year we ran the gamut.  This year was truly the worst year of my life so far.  And yet, yet I experienced one of the best moments of my life, the birth of the Minx, tied of course with the births of the Monster and the Wench.

I am now, despite my sleep deprivation, beginning to prepare for next years homeschooling.  I only hope next year is better, with less things happening that are out of my control.  At least I know I won't have any pregnancy symptoms to battle against haha.


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