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Thursday, 28 January 2016

Resources for 2016

The Wench has been doing great with phonics and we will continue learning that, but I have realised she needs to learn some sight words as well, so we will be doing some work on that this year.  The Monster is flying along with his reading of individual words, big, small, easy, complicated, he does well.  His next step is comprehension, that is, the ability to read a sentence or paragraph and then explain what he just read.  He isn't so great with that yet, so lots of reading to come this year - including me reading aloud to the kids more often to promote listening skills.  We will also begin working on pre-cursive handwriting, and of course do some work in grammar, punctuation and spelling.

In maths we will be doing basic work, nothing specific, just learning what we can .  The kids are obsessed with money, as kids often are, so using money for maths is a no-brainer in my opinion.

The main focus of our year though will be on SOSE/HSIE.  We will be looking at Australia for the most part, history, geography and Aussie animals (which I suppose also covers some science).  For the Aussie Animals we will be using those annoying Woolworths Cards to our advantage, they may not be comprehensive, but I think they will be good as starters.  Since we own the book Wombat Stew, I figure we can use that as well, even if it's only for reading fun.

Along with looking at Australia we will also be learning about religion.  That is, not how to be religious, but about what various religions believe in.  Our first look at religion will be a study of the various beliefs of the Afterlife, including non-religious beliefs such as Oblivion, or nothingness. For this we will be using something I put together myself that was inspired by an Afterlife Unit by Little Pagan Acorns.

For the rest we will be using random printables that I find through Google and Pinterest.  Art tutorials, colouring pages, crosswords, find-a-words, craft tutorials and ideas.  We will also use things that I create and of course, the library is the greatest resource of all.


First Grade Spelling Words, 36 Week Program, K12 Reader
DeNealian Handwriting Alphabet Sheets, K12 Reader (DeNealian is a pre-cursive font)
Death and the Afterlife, Bekah Evie Bel and Worksheets
Afterlife Unit, Little Pagan Acorns


Pages from Giant Second Grade Workbook, Hinkler School Zone
Evan-Moor Grammar and Punctuation, Grade 1
Math Mammoth - Australian Money
Maths Basics 2, Hinkler School Zone
Australian Story: An Illustrated Timeline, Tania McCartney
First Fleet: The Voyage, Liz Flaherty
First Fleet: First Fleeters, Liz Flaherty

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  1. Sounds like a good year to me. I also realised towards the end of last year that my son needed more sight words work. I found some packs on TPT that work for him.

    1. I am not even sure why we haven't done sight words with my daughter yet, we did with my son and it helped him a lot. Thankfully I still have all of the printables I got for my son, so I can just reprint them :)