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Thursday, 18 February 2016

A Day in Our Life 2016

The second day of our homeschool week.


I lay in bed pretending, no, attempting to stay asleep while the kids rummage around in the kitchen for breakfast.
The Monster, in his new Big Boy capacity, cooks eggs on toast for his breakfast.  The Wench chooses to have the ever so nutritious and filling coco-pops instead.
I continue "sleeping."


The Minx awakens.  She isn't crying.  I am still "asleep."  Then her Daddy decides to bring her to me where I sleep.  Sigh.  There is no staying asleep when little baby hands are scratching your face off, and whatever remains of your face after that is eaten by a slobbery baby mouth.

While Daddy does the good job and changes her nappy I go and turn on the kettle, brush my hair while it boils and all of that half-hearted mummy-prep that happens.  I make the Minx a bottle, make myself a coffee and then sit down to give her the bottle, fending off her scratchy hands whilst attempting to drink my coffee.

I change her nappy, because, every morning she likes each parent to do it at least once.  Then begins a time of gooing and gahing and booing and administering tickles that garner no laugh because apparently she is stubborn.

9:30am - Calendar Time

The Minx goes down for a nap and we start our school work.  First up is calendar work.
Change the Day and Date on the wall.
Check to see if the moon wheel needs changing, it does not.
Check the weather and the kids record it in their folders.
They fill in the date on their calendars, in their folders.
They fill in the "How Many Days of School" chart, and mark the tally for the same count.
They practice writing the date in numerous ways.
Recite the alphabet, including Auslan alphabet.
Some counting and skip counting.
Recite the Days and Months.

10:00am - English work.

I give the kids their new larger exercise books for writing.  Much excitement ensues.
I fill in the first page with a column down the left side, the alphabet in lowercase.
They do lines after my letters, only three.  A, B and C.  This weeks and last weeks handwriting letters.
They ask if we will do handwriting of numbers, I demonstrate how the numbers are written properly on the white board, they copy in their small exercise books, scratch pads as they now are.


The Minx awakens and plays on her playmat on the floor near us.
I pull out some sight words worksheets.  Just handwriting for today, simple, you would think.  And it is for the Wench, who likes to work quickly.  But then the Monster notices that she is working more quickly.  I point out it is because he has been talking the whole time (oh yes, homeschooled kids do this too!) but he denies this and an argument ensues... I am not actually saying anything in this argument, it is just the Monster, arguing against the imagined slights I am throwing at him, because he, "Hardly ever never even talks at all!"

Actually he never stops talking.  He even sometimes talks in his sleep.  But of course, that's impossible and I must be lying, because he hardly ever never even talks at all hahaha.

10:30am - Break Time

The kids get themselves some fruit for morning tea and I give the now impatient Minx a bottle.  I play with the Minx, the kids make fun of her as well.  Which she enjoys.


Because she had a short nap the Minx barely lasts the hour awake and goes down for a nap easily.

The Monster continues doing his handwriting sight word sheet.  The Wench and I begin some work on phonics, TH and CH this week, she reads the TH and CH words I write on the board and then she writes them in her writing book.  She complains that some of the words also contain the Silent E.  How dare I mix in different graphemes that she has already learned!!!


The Monster finishes the sight word sheet... finally.  He now sits and waits with all the patience of an 8year old boy.  None.  He occasionally, quietly, "accidentally," reads out one of the Wenchs words before she can do so.  And so begin some fun arguments between them.


I write some words for the Monster to read, he wanted something different and I realised we hadn't worked on words where the C sounds like an S.  So we look at that, read some words, compare them all to each other and discover what they all have in common (that is, if the C is followed by an E, I or Y, it usually sounds like an S).
The Monster reads a small reader book.  Reluctantly.  With lots of groaning and complaining and "I can't do this!"


The Minx awakens and plays on her playmat.
We review our work on maths facts families and do some worksheets on those.  I think about putting in the hard work of making more separate maths sheets for the Monster who just isn't getting into these ones the way the Wench is.
We look at place value, different ways of doing addition and we discuss (and I demonstrate) how knowing how to add small numbers means you can add large numbers.

12:30pm - Lunch Time

The kids make themselves some sandwiches for lunch and I give the Minx a bottle.

1:00pm - Quiet Time

The kids go to their rooms for some alone time and I play quietly with the Minx.


The Minx goes down for a nap, I actually get to have some of the Quiet Time alone! Yay.  But...

I start thinking, this just isn't working.  The Minx is a terrible napper, she is erratic and sometimes she is majorly clingy and will not play on the playmat for those precious 15minutes.  We generally have to have a break when she wakes up, which means we have less time for school work.  The kids don't mind so much, but they do get a bit annoyed because, as much as they complain, they actually hate not doing school work!

I am going to have to stop doing Quiet Time on school days until the Minx has a more predictable schedule.


Quiet Time is over and we begin our cooking lesson for the week.  COOKIES!  I read out the ingredients, the kids measure it all out.  They do most of the work really.  I separate the dough into smaller bowls and bring out some extra ingredients and tell them to add whatever they like to their own bowl.

The Wench somehow interprets this to mean she should eat her bowl of cookie dough.  Dear Gods!


The Minx awakens and does not want to play on the playmat.  So I attempt to continue the cooking with one arm.  Nope.  Not working.  We take a break while I give her a bottle and then dump her on her Daddy.  We go back to cooking.


The kids eat their cookies for afternoon tea.


The kids do their jobs - take the rubbish out to the bins, take the bins out to the nature strip (bin night).  They feed the bunny and clean the bunny cage.


The Minx goes down for her nap.  I turn the TV on for some afternoon down time.  I collapse on the couch as we watch some Adventure Time.

The rest of the day is basically just normal whatever stuff.  The kids get up to mischief, fight heaps, there were a couple tantrums.  The Minx got worse with her naps.  Seriously.  10 minutes is not a nap!

So yeh, there we go,  It wasn't the best day, we did maths, English and cooking.  That is it.  I am still trying to navigate homeschooling with a catnapping baby.

But it wasn't the worst day either.

The next day, Wednesday, was a worst day.  The Minx woke before 7am and the kids decided to get up before 7am as well.  My morning began with the discovery of the Monster trying to eat all of the cheese in the house and saying it was the Wenchs fault for giving him all the cheese instead of just two slices - apparently he is incapable of putting the excess back in the fridge.

So before 8am we had him yelling, lying and tantruming.  He had two time outs!  Before I even brushed my hair.

The Minx went down for a nap at 8am, for only half an hour.

The Monster decided to have a shower after breakfast.  The Wench decided to do so after him, but she came out of the shower to brush her hair and then went in for another shower.  Why? Because she had to brush her hair before washing it.

The morning got steadily worse.  The Minx went down for her second nap some time after 9.30am and I thought she had gone to sleep.  So we started our school work.  Not five minutes later she started screaming and she didn't stop crying and being upset for another hour.

Once I finally got her to actually fall asleep, I just gave up.  Nope.  No school today.  I was done already.  The entire day was pretty much the same as the morning.

So.  While Tuesday was a bit lacking, I call it a win.  At the moment it is about the best we can get.  Wednesday is about as bad as it gets.  I just have to hope it doesn't happen too often.  Thankfully, we have more Tuesdays than we do Wednesdays.

This post was done as part of the All Aussie Not Back to School Blog Hop, hosted by Our Worldwide Classroom.


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  1. Its tough with a baby or toddler......sounds like you are doing really well!