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Friday, 12 February 2016

Our Newer Homeschool Area

Last year, as part of the NBTS Blog Hop, I shared our Homeschool Area.  A nice look at our very messy area.  This week I am going to do the same, again for the NBTS Blog Hop.

I am happy to say that our area is quite different this year.  Not necessarily any neater, but it is different.  Now that the Minx has joined us I have had to move us out of the comfort of the loungeroom and out into the kitchen.  I figured, the Minx will likely begin her crawling in the loungeroom and therefore I needed to get all of that highly interesting (to a crawler) stuff away from prying hands.  It also means less mess on the carpet.

It is significantly easier to clean up tiny little pieces of paper from the linoleum than from the carpet, I guarantee you that!  Pencils shavings are the same, pencil leads too.

I am not going to show you the state of the loungeroom today, because in all honesty it is still quite messy right now.  Let's call it the transitional period haha.

Todays photos are from the kitchen, and I love the way it's all set up.  Oh, it could be better, no doubt about it.  But it is pretty awesome compared to the small space I had last year in the loungeroom.

Not to say that we aren't still limited in the kitchen, we are.  Less wall space for posters is the main problem.  A new highchair at the table also leads to a bit less floor space.  But it is still better than the loungeroom.  I just hope I can keep it warm in winter.

Our main storage area.  I love that I can have an actual bookcase in here! The drawers are the same as last years, but neater this time.  That thing on the left, with the pencils in the top, I don't know what it is called - I grabbed for cheap at the opp shop the other week and I love it.  It's a fabric shelving unit, or something.  It has shelves, pockets and everything.  It also folds up flat when not in use, so it's pretty amazing in my opinion.

POSTERS!  Yes, this is basically what we are limited to when it comes to posters.  World maps on my daughters bedroom door, map of Australia on the freezer, solar system on the fridge, magnet letters and numbers and a magnet toy clock on the side.  I also have, now, a smallish magnetic whiteboard hanging on the side at the top.  I didn't have room to move my big whiteboard out to the kitchen, so it's still in the loungeroom, sadly ignored.

We also have left some of our old posters in the loungeroom, the money charts, place value and fraction charts and the Auslan alphabet.  But I have reprinted those and put them in the kids work folders so they can see them during school time if they need to.

The actual work area, the kitchen table.  We don't have a dining room, obviously, else we would most certainly be in there and I would be ecstatic!  But no, we are out here in the kitchen.  As you can, barely, see the highchair is stuffed up against the wall next to the apples.  We have a lot of apples, if you knew me, you would find that highly amusing.

Above the apples are a few more smaller poster type things.  Hanging on a tea-towel rail are our day, date, month, year thingies, we change these every day so we can quickly see what the date is.  Also, the season wheel and the moon phase "wheel" both of which we change when needed.  Since I took these photos the other week I have actually added a small alphabet line above all these, and a few other handy things that are helpful for handwriting.

A closer look at our little storage area.  As you can see, it is a small area.  However, it is perfect for a single year of work.  I most certainly have other things everywhere else throughout the house.  Seriously.  Everywhere.  If you have a look at the above fridge/freezer photo you will see, to the left, what look like pantry or cupboard doors.  They are, I took them off an old pantry cupboard that was falling apart and attached them to the sides of two large bookcases that are sitting in my abnormally wide hallway.  So what looks like a cupboard is actually a hallway, leading to a laundry and the back door.

You will never see a photo of this area, it is way messier than last years lounge room photos.  It's full of books, games, puzzles, toys, crafty stuff.  Not to mention the not strictly homeschool stuff like tools, camping gear, motorcycle and car stuff.  Its a catchall, but a large part of it is filled with homeschool stuff (and my own fiction books of course).

This post was done as part of the All Aussie Not Back to School Blog Hop, hosted by Our Worldwide Classroom.



  1. Awesome! I love the thing you got in the opp shop!

    1. I've never seen one before, but when I did see it, it just magically went from the floor to my hand haha.