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Friday, 5 February 2016

Why I am Grateful for Homeschooling

There are several reasons that I homeschool, but being grateful for homeschooling is something I haven't thought of.  Don't get me wrong, I am certainly grateful for it, for the chance to be able to do it, but I haven't really thought of what about it I am grateful for.

So bear with me as I type whilst thinking.
  • I am grateful for a relaxed morning, no school rush.
  • I am grateful for being able to stay in my pyjamas all day, if I so wish.
  • I am grateful for peanut butter sandwiches.  None of my kids have allergies, so far, so I don't have to worry about that.
  • I am grateful for a relaxed evening, no making school lunches.  Though I suppose this is offset by needing to spend some evenings planning and creating resources. But I enjoy doing that too.
  • I am grateful for being able to do what I enjoy with a purpose, it helps more than just me, it helps more than just my kids.  I can share what I create with others and make their workload a little bit easier.
  • I am grateful for being in Victoria, the weather may suck in winter, but the VRQA is the easiest homeschool board you can deal with.
  • I am grateful for being able to spend time with my kids, and that they can spend time watching their baby sister grow up, because they do enjoy her.
  • I am grateful for having a legitimate reason to spend money on back to school sales.
  • I am grateful for being able to wear a doona on a cold winter day.  My kids are grateful for that too.
  • I am grateful that I can know what my children are learning and how well they are learning.  That I can tailor their education to their strong points, weak points, desires and help them enjoy learning about things they might otherwise hate.
  • I am grateful that my kids can have a say in their education and I don't have to argue with their teachers about it.
  • I am grateful for discoveries, for being able to share amazing things with my children that they might otherwise miss (see picture for an example).
  • I am grateful that parent-teacher interviews are so very one-sided.
  • I am grateful I don't have to help anyone with their homework.  I don't have to stress that the kids are late handing in assignments.
  • I am grateful for late nights and late mornings, when they happen.
  • I am grateful for no school bags with rotting fruit.  We have enough of that in the fruit basket, thank you very much.
Most of all I am grateful that I can homeschool at all, that the law in Australia allows me to do so.

This post was part of the All Australian Not Back to School Blog Hop, courtesy of Our Worldwide Classroom.

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  1. Oh love seeing everyone's reasons on being grateful and your last one has got to be the best. Something I always need to remember. Thank goodness we live in Australia!

    Thanks for joining in with the blog hop.

    1. Reading about people having their children removed or simply having to send their kids to school because it's illegal to homeschool in their country, really brings the gratitude home, that's for sure.

      As well, living in Victoria and reading about the way some of the other states are set up, I hope I never have to move out of this state. If I do have to leave the state, I will be hoping for Tasmania!