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Friday, 18 March 2016

Home Ec Cooking

As part of our homeschool routine, we do a cooking "lesson" at least once a week.  These can be the most basic of lessons - like frying eggs - or things more complex that require specific amounts or ratios - like cookies.

We do our shopping on Fridays, so I try to do our cooking lessons on the following Monday.  This way, depending on the food to be made, I can use up any fresh but soon to be not fresh ingredients, such as the remnants of the BBQ chicken I almost always buy already cooked from the supermarket.

The following is just some of what we have made.

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Clever DIY Review

In the past I have bought the occasional little crafty kit - plaster mould fridge magnets and the like - but my kids always managed to sneak out at night, find the kits and use the goods inside, such as the paint pots, to "decorate" their bedroom walls.

Their bedroom walls are so beautiful and artsy they make me want to burn the house down.

Anyway, because of a few such incidents, I just stopped buying such kits.  I decided to not buy individual craft products, such as paints and glitters and sequins.  The thought of the kids decorating the rest of the house was just terrifying.  So awesome crafts, not a big thing in our house in the past.

This year is different.  At the end of last year I managed to get through to the Monster, for the most part, and get him to stop the sneaking and using of things he shouldn't be using.  The Wench, being the adoring little sister, follows his lead and is behaving better as well.

So in January, when I read a review of a monthly crafty subscription box, code for the first month free included, I decided to give it a go.  It's a month to month subscription, so if my trust in the kids was misplaced, or the crafts weren't any good, I could cancel it with ease.

I have not cancelled the subscription.