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Friday, 18 March 2016

Home Ec Cooking

As part of our homeschool routine, we do a cooking "lesson" at least once a week.  These can be the most basic of lessons - like frying eggs - or things more complex that require specific amounts or ratios - like cookies.

We do our shopping on Fridays, so I try to do our cooking lessons on the following Monday.  This way, depending on the food to be made, I can use up any fresh but soon to be not fresh ingredients, such as the remnants of the BBQ chicken I almost always buy already cooked from the supermarket.

The following is just some of what we have made.

An oldie but a goodie, a never fail always appreciated recipe.  Do you need a recipe for this?  Probably not.

Fried Eggs
The kids learned how to fry eggs, nice and simple.  The purpose of this lesson was so the Monster could start cooking eggs for breakfast without any help. He empties a dozen carton of eggs every week, with the help of the Wench of course.  The rule for this is, if he is making eggs for himself, and the Wench wants some, he has to cook them for her too.  If he is not making them for himself, then too bad for the Wench.  It was nice to wake up one morning to find that he had cooked eggs for the Wench even though he had decided to have cereal for himself.

The Eggs lesson included safety and health information.  He must always put the eggs through the water float or sink test to determine freshness.  He must always check the area around the frypan for fire hazards (towels, plastic etc).

We did the recipe to make 100 cookies.  This one was fun.  The kids loved adding their own flavours to the mix.  Uninspired, they went the simple route of sprinkles, choc chips and coconut.  I personally decided to try out the peanut butter flavour.  It was yummy.

Sausage Rolls
This too is a fairly simple recipe, and we didn't even follow a recipe.  We just chucked things in a bowl in random amounts.  Obviously we used sausage mince, about 800grams.  We also added tomato sauce, barbecue sauce, sugar, garlic, various spices, grated carrot, and an egg for binding everything together.  At the last minute I quickly chucked in some "need to be used today" bacon pieces.  We cheated and used frozen puff pastry sheets instead of making our own pastry.  Then we cut them into smaller pieces and cooked them.

I can't even explain how tasty these things were.  The kids offered some to their dad, who usually hates anything sausage based, including sausage rolls, but even he loved them! They were too addictive, honestly I want to cook some more right now! But it's 2am so I probably shouldn't.

Sausage Rolls, so addictive.

Ham and Cheese Scrolls
We had leftover pastry and some ham to use up, so the same week we did the sausage rolls (and having used up our Clever DIY projects) we did a second cooking lesson.  This is very simple.  All you do is place ham and cheese onto puff pastry sheets, roll the sheets tightly, cut the roll into pieces about 3-4cm thick and then cook them.  They are simple, they are tasty.

Apple Turnovers
I am known as the Evil Queen of Aus, apples are my thing.  They say if I offer you apples, then I am not actually being nice and generous haha.  It is inevitable that we cook apple turnovers.  Of course we cheated again and used frozen puff pastry.
Once again we didn't use a recipe, we just added things in various amounts.  The kids and I peeled, cored and chopped up a bunch of apples.  We boiled them in the microwave.  Then we mixed in some cinnamon and sugar and let them cool down.  We cut the pastry into quarters, put the apples onto the pastry and folded them into triangles, messy beautiful triangles.  Then we cooked them.

Then we ate them with relish.  The enjoyment sort of relish, not the condiment.  I love apples.


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