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Thursday, 28 January 2016

Resources for 2016

The Wench has been doing great with phonics and we will continue learning that, but I have realised she needs to learn some sight words as well, so we will be doing some work on that this year.  The Monster is flying along with his reading of individual words, big, small, easy, complicated, he does well.  His next step is comprehension, that is, the ability to read a sentence or paragraph and then explain what he just read.  He isn't so great with that yet, so lots of reading to come this year - including me reading aloud to the kids more often to promote listening skills.  We will also begin working on pre-cursive handwriting, and of course do some work in grammar, punctuation and spelling.

Monday, 25 January 2016

Starting 2016

Today was our first day of sit down formal school work for 2016.  It was also our first day ever homeschooling with a baby, the Minx being almost 5 months old now, 20 weeks today in fact.

I did want to start the school day at 9am, but of course, as is usual for me, best laid plans don't always go well.  It wasn't so terrible, it's just the Minx chose to sleep until 8:30am and I slept in, gratefully, happily and without guilt.  Ah sleep, I love you. Though the kids had been up and ready since 7am, I needed to look after the Minx and get myself ready and fuelled (read caffeinated), so we didn't start school work until 10:20am.

Tomorrow is Australia Day, which is the anniversary of when the British arrived to colonise Australia.  Because it's Australia Day, we will be spending this week looking at the First Fleet, that is the voyage and arrival of eleven ships full of convicts and colonists in Australia.

We started at 10.20am and we finished at 2.20pm, with a 45 minute lunch break from 12:15-1:00pm.  So four hours, 3 hours and fifteen minutes of actual work time.  That's about what I would want on a normal day starting at 9am, so it worked out okay.