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Aussie Pagan Homeschool
We are Eclectic Homeschoolers, this means that we don't fit any of the more specific labels that lie within the homeschool community.  We are not Mason or Monty or Unschool or Waldorf or anything like that.  We do not have a single all round curriculum.  We do whatever works for us, and some of that comes from the above labels and others and some comes from other things and some of what we do is uniquely our own.  If it works, we will use it, if it looks interesting we will try it.

We are, despite the name of this blog, mostly secular at this stage of our homeschooling.  I am Pagan, but my family is not and that's okay.  I don't feel that I need to try to force my children into my religion, though I will of course teach them about it.  Indeed, I will teach them about a large number of religions and belief systems over time, and whilst I don't deny I will likely place some small emphasis on my own beliefs I will strive not to put too much emphasis on it.  But when I say "mostly secular" that means that at times my own beliefs do tinge our learning.  I place a bit more emphasis on the things that I find important, morally speaking, just as any parent would, religion or not.  If my children are interested in learning about something that does fall under the heading of religion and belief (as in for their own desire to believe) then I won't deny them the chance to learn and discover their own beliefs.  So, we aren't, strictly speaking, all round secular.

So why the "Pagan" in the title of this site?  Pretty simple, I am Pagan, I am a Domestic Pagan and Hearth Witch, in a way teaching my children is part of my religion, just as cooking and cleaning and general parenting is part of my religion.  So whilst our homeschool is not strictly Pagan, our homeschool is part of MY Pagan path.  There will be cross-overs, and as said, certain of my beliefs do tinge what I teach or present to my children.  But not only that, this blog is not strictly for homeschooling, it is also for Paganism.  The majority of what I post will likely be about homeschooling, but every now and then I will post something that is Pagan.  Of course I will also post things that are neither Pagan nor Homeschooling related.  I suppose this blog will be as eclectic as everything else in my life.  Whatever works, whatever I feel the need to share, that's what will be here.

The Aussie Pagan Mummy.
I am Bekah Evie Bel, an Eclectic Homeschooler, Hearth Witch, Eclectic Domestic Pagan, Web Designer, Pagan Forum Admin and an all round geeky nerd!

The Monster
The Monster is, as I update this, an 8 year old boy, born in 2007.  He is, as his name implies, a monster, but a good one.  He is obsessed with breaking things, he loves to pull things apart, especially motors and electronics, which pretty much places every expensive thing we have in immediate danger.  He also loves to create and build, from the bits and pieces of his destruction he will create anything and everything.  Whether his creations work or not is entirely beside the point of course.

The Wench
The Wench is, as I update this, a 6 year old girl, born in 2009.  She is a typical little girl, loves princesses and ballerinas, mermaids, unicorns and fairies, and her favourite colour is pink.  This is not to say she can't pull things apart and create new things just like her brother, or roll around the mud looking for bugs, no she does that frequently too.  She just does it in a pink tutu.

The Minx
The Minx, as I update this, is a 3 month old girl, born September 2015.  She is tiny energetic bundle of laughs, and cries.  She likes to eat things, including people.  She loves silly noises, bright lights, noisy whackable toys and playing peek-a-boo.  She also enjoys when people pretend to eat her face.


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